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Fortune Favors The Feline 



Witness a ferocious litter of kittens on their journey as they rise to riches!! FETTI ($FTI) is a meme cryptocurrency coin on BSC (BNB) created with the mission to aid in the advancement of a nascent crypto development team. $FTI represents an initial foray into the world of blockchain and will serve as the bedrock for future development. Holders of $FTI will have privileged access to information concerning new releases and future developments. We do however consider ourselves to solely function as a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. Our project aims to make a real-world impact by donating 30% of profits (if we were to profit), to charities that strive to improve technology access in under-resourced schools and communities. Donations to other charitable causes as well as non-profit organizations are also included as part of our future donations. While our team members prefer to remain anonymous at this stage, we pledge to maintain open communication with our community through various platforms (this will include spaces/group calls). 



Blockchain technology offers unprecedented opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and growth. As a new coin development team, we are thrilled to launch our memecoin, Fetti ($FTI). 



$FTI is not merely a cryptocurrency coin; it's a stepping stone towards larger, more ambitious projects. We believe that by starting small and focusing on refining our approach, we can achieve great things in the future. If you decide to become a $FTI coin holder, you are not only investing in a coin, but you are also contributing to a long-term vision of growth, improvement, and giving back to the community.



The total supply of $FTI is capped to ensure scarcity and value. $FTI holders will be granted early access to updates and developments concerning the team's future projects. This exclusive access incentivizes community engagement. Additionally, 90% of coins will be placed into a liquidity pool and locked. 5% will go to the team and with the remaining 5 % going towards promotions, giveaways, or sent to a dead wallet to burn supply. However, the percentage of tokens for the team is subject to change (i.e., gets burned instead). 


Charitable Giving

A core principle of our project is giving back to the community. We believe that the blockchain space has immense potential to drive social change. To this end, we will donate 30% of the profits generated by $FTI to various charities. These organizations aim to bridge the digital divide by providing technology access to schools and communities that have been traditionally underserved in this area. Other causes and non-profit organizations will also be in consideration. 


Future Developments

While $FTI serves as our first endeavor into coin development, it is just the beginning. Holders of $FTI will be the first to know about new coins and will be given priority during its launch. We will operate towards placing FETTI on coinmarketcap and coingecko depending on the requirements, community, and funding of this project. While no specific CEX listings are guaranteed, there may be an intention to explore potential financial opportunities if they were to arise. Luckily, in this litter we have an ambitious CEO who intends on expanding our brand as far as possible. This includes integrating incentives, buy back and burns, international promotions, and partnerships!!!!



At present, our team prefers to maintain anonymity. We believe this approach allows us to focus on what truly matters - the development of the project, rather than individual personalities. However, we are committed to maintaining transparency and open dialogue with our community. We will regularly engage in live talks on various platforms to provide updates, answer questions, and gather feedback.



Fetti ($FTI) is more than just a coin; it's a mission-driven project designed to drive our development team's growth, foster a vibrant and engaged community, and make a tangible impact on the world. By investing in $FTI, you become part of a forward-thinking community focused on technological advancement and societal impact. We welcome you to join us on this exciting journey.


Note: This white paper is for informational purposes only and is not a legally binding document. Please do your own research and consult with a financial advisor before  making decisions on investing in $FTI or any other cryptocurrency.




Phase 1 

  • Presale

  • Coin Launch

  • Expand Litter

  • Promotions

  • CG $ CMC 

Phase 2 

  • Giveaways 

  • CEX endeavors

  • Partnerships

  • Donations

  • Community involvement

Phase 3 

  • Scratch walls

  • Mark territory

  • Develop merchandise

  • Develop general public based funding protocol 

  • Build the biggest cat tower known to man

Available Soon

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